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The manufacturing department

The 15000 mq manufacturing department plays host to numerous presses, including an 800-tonne mechanical press and a 400-tonne hydraulic press that are fitted with automatic power devices and feature high-resistance decoilers and rolling calenders for thicknesses of up to 10mm.

VEMA endeavours to deliver the complete, finished product, and for this reason the assembly operations are carried out using single-shot dies, mechanical welding, spot welding and wire welding with a robotised system.


  • Erfut 350 Ton mechanical press - 2500x1450x1200;
  • Colombo 100 Ton mechanical press - 1500x1000x500;
  • Sangiacomo 400 Ton mechanical press - 2700x1500x1100;
  • Raskin 75 Ton mechanical press - 800x500x500;
  • Kallinin 800 Ton mechanical press - 2500x1600x1200;
  • Press Benelli "Pull-out table" - 800 Ton - 4000x2500x1300;
  • Dieffenbacher 400 Ton mechanical press - 2000x1600;
  • Raskin 200 Ton mechanical press - 1100x900x600;
  • ROSS 200 Ton mechanical press – 1300x810x450;
  • LEGNANI 160 Ton mechanical press – 1100x700;
  • MOSSINI 120 Ton mechanical press – 1100x620;
  • Bertorello decoiler / feeder
  • GPA pneumatic feeder 700 x 3mm thick;
  • Electronic feed with rollers AVEM 40;
  • Iron SA 6000 (feeder/rectifier) Line x 10mm thick;
  • Iron SA 4000 (feeder/rectifier) Line x 4mm thick;
  • Robotic island for Plug & Weld;
  • Tecna welder for spot welding;
  • AUTOMATIC Tecna welder for spot welding
  • Tecna welder for spot welding Tecna "direct-current" DC;
  • Radial rivetting system machine (for pins:Agme);

Measurements machine

  • 3D CMM Measurements machine DEA GLOBAL STATUS 1000 x 700 x 1000;
  • 3D CMM Measurements machine DEA MISTRAL 1000x700x500.
  • ROMER Absolute Arm with integrated scanner


Vema designs and manufactures mechanical components for clients operating in a range of different sectors, with a special focus on the automotive, white goods and furnishings sectors.

VEMA srl Via I Maggio 12, Santo Stino di Livenza (VE) Italy - Tel +39 0421 310559 Fax +39 0421 314581 - C.F. e P.I. 03590610279
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